List of CHED-Recognized Programs:

Program Name Program Major
Bachelor in Business Technology Education
Bachelor in Elementary Education Early Childhood Education
Envi Sci.
General Elementary Education
Multi-grade Educ.
Music Educ.
Science and Health Educ.
Soc Sci
Special Educ
Technology and Home Economics
Values Educ.
Bachelor in Library & Information Science
Bachelor in Medical Laboratory Science
Bachelor in Pre-School Education
Bachelor in Public Administration
Bachelor in Secondary Education Biological Science
Business & Office Tech.
Environmental Science
Guidance & Counseling
Rel. Ed.
Research & Eval
Science Ed.
Soc. Sci.
Technology & Home Economics
Tourism Ed
Valued Ed.
Bachelor of Arts Community Development
Gen. Science
Pol Sci.
Public Adm.
Rel. Ed.
Research and Evaluation
Rural and Urban Planning
Social Work
Values Ed.
Bachelor of Laws & Letters
BS in Accountancy
BS in Agriculture
BS in Architecture
BS in Biology
BS in Business Administration Agri-Business
Bus. Mgmt
Computational Finance
Computer-based Acctg.
Construction Mgmt
Coop Mgmt
Financial Mgmt
Government Acctg and Auditing
Human Resource
Ind. Mgmt
Legal Mgmt
Livelihood Mgmt
Mktg. Mgmt
Operations Mgmt.
Small Industry
Transportation Mgmt
BS in Chemistry
BS in Civil Engineering
BS in Community Development
BS in Computer Engineering
BS in Criminology Correction Adm.
Criminal Justice System
Police Intelligence
Security Mgmt.
Traffic Mgmt.
BS in Criminology
BS in Customs Administration
BS in Electronics & Comm. Engineering
BS in Environmental Science
BS in Fisheries
BS in Forestry
BS in Geodetic Engineering
BS in Guidance & Counseling
BS in Hotel and Restaurant Management Food Service Adm.
Industrial Cafeteria Mgmt.
BS in Hotel and Restaurant Management
BS in Information Technology (change in nomenclature in 2000 from BSC major in major in Computer Science)
BS in Marine Engineering
BS in Mathematics
BS in Nursing
BS in Office Administration
BS in Pharmacy
BS in Physical Therapy
BS in Physics
BS in Psychology
BS in Public Administration
BS in Public Health
BS in Radiologic Technology
BS in Rural and Urban Development
BS in Sanitary & Environmental Engineering
BS in Social Studies
BS in Social Work
BS in Special Education
BS in Tourism Tour Guiding
Travel Mgmt.
BS in Tourism
Associate in Office Administration
Diploma in Business Management
Diploma in Midwifery
Diploma in Pre-School Education-Ladderized
Diploma in Public Administration