CMO No. 1 , Series of 2020 – Guidelines for the Grant of Assistance to State Universities and Colleges to Combat COVID-19


CMO No. 2, Series of 2020 – Amendment to Sections III, IV, V, VI, VII and VIII of CMO No. 30, series of 2016 entitled “Implementing Guidelines for the Scholarship Grant Program for Children and Dependents of Sugarcane Industry Workers and Small Sugarcane Farmers (SIDA-SGP)”

CMO No. 3, Series of 2020 – Amendments to the Revised and Expanded Guidelines for the Continuing Professional Education Grants During the K to 12 Transition Period

CMO No. 4, Series of 2020 – Guidelines on the Implementation of Flexible Learning

CMO No. 5, Series of 2020 – Guidelines on the Suspension of Operations of Degree Programs of Private Higher Education Institutions

CMO No. 6, Series of 2020 – Guidelines for the Scholarships for Instructors Knowledge Advancement Program (SIKAP) Grant

CMO No. 8, Series of 2020 – Guidelines for the Support and Development of Discipline-Based Higher Education Roadmaps by the Technical Panels

CMO No. 9, Series of 2020 – Guidelines on the Allocation of Financial assistance for State Universities and Colleges for the Development of Smart Campuses provided in Section 10 (i) of RA 11494

CMO No. 10, Series of 2020 – Implementing Guidelines for Bayanihan 2 for Higher Education Tulong Program (B2HELP) as Provided in Section 4(n) of RA 11494, otherwise known as the “Bayanihan to Recover as One Act”

CMO No. 11, Series of 2020 – Implementing Rules and Regulations of RA 11396, “An Act Requiring State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) to Prepare and Implement a Land Use Development and Infrastructure Plan that shall Include the Construction of Dormitories for Students and Housing Sites for Employees”

CMO No. 13, Series of 2020 – Interim Policy on Documentary Submissions and Mitigation Measures for the Scholarships for Graduate Studies-Local (SGS-L) during the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Pandemic