What is the Career System Track for Incumbent SUC Presidents? 

Phil-HECS Track I is designed to engage SUC presidents, ensuring that they are updated on present trends, new government policies, and the best practices in higher education management. This track allows current SUC leaders to be significant contributors to the pursuit of higher education reform over the course of their current term, their reappointment, their succeeding roles after their term as president, and up to their eventual retirement.

Professional Advancement Program – Presidential Leadership 

Presidential Leadership (PL) is a continuing education program for incumbent SUC presidents, enabling them to be effective leaders of their institutions.

Courses offered in PL are organized according to the six Phil-HECS competencies, elaborated and deepened through group discussions on case studies and statistics facilitated by seasoned and successful SUC leaders, professional coaches, and mentors. The courses provide a collegial atmosphere that allows SUC presidents to learn from each other’s experiences, identify best practices, recognize opportunities for growth, and share their insights as a community of practice.

Structured study visits to HEIs are incorporated into PL, offering incumbent SUC presidents the opportunity to benchmark and extract techniques, strategies, and best practices that they can then replicate.

Career Management Career management for incumbent SUC aims to fulfill the following objectives:
a. Track the performance of SUC presidents and highlight their administrative achievements towards reappointment;
b. Provide opportunities for continuing education and prospective awards and incentives; and
c. Assist in the transition to a career after the presidency.


Professional Advancement Program for Incumbent SUC Presidents Courses

Course 1: Leading a Globally Competitive Higher Education Institution

Course 2: Resource mobilization towards generating and managing financial and other resources

Course 3: Thinking strategically and creatively

Course 4: Nurturing a high performing learning institution

Course 5: Building collaborative and inclusive working relationships

Course 6: Managing self and working towards one’s full potential

Special Learning Session: Phronetic Leadership