The Commission on Higher Education (CHED), in partnership with the Asian Institute of Management (AIM), continues to upgrade the leadership skills of State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) and CHED officials with the launching of the Global Academic Leadership Program (GALP).

The AIM School of Executive Education and Lifelong Learning (SEELL) which runs the GALP is the executive development arm of AIM. SEELL provides leading-edge, differentiated and results-oriented executive education programs. GALP also supports the new vision and mission of CHED to continue improving the leadership skills of SUC officials as part of the modernization of Philippine higher education.


AIM President Jikyeong Kang, CHED Chairman J. Prospero E. De Vera III, Commissioner Aldrin A. Darilag, Commissioner Lilian A. De Las Llagas launched the GALP under the CHED International Continuing Professional Education (ICPE) Grants recently.

“The objective of this program is quite simple – we recognize that the challenges facing academic leaders in higher education is very broad and numerous. They deal with a wide range of stakeholders – students and their parents, faculty, alumni, local governments, audit and budget agencies, legislators, even informal settlers who illegally occupy their campuses. It is very difficult to convert an academician into a President or Vice President of the university because the training for professors is very different from the training for administrators,” De Vera said.

“So we want to capacitate our leaders both in the SUCs, as well as the CHED bureaucracy in the regions and central office so that they get the necessary skills needed as they address the concerns and demands of these stakeholders,” he added.


The CHED-AIM GALP is a 40-day online program that aims to equip the participants with concepts, frameworks, principles, and innovative tools that will assist them to perform to all intents and purposes in their mandated leadership functions.

This program will also strengthen the participants’ problem-solving, decision-making, and team-building skills given the challenges of the 21st century learnings and the new perspective of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

The GALP participants will be trained in four cohorts, with SUC and CHED officials joining virtually from all over the country. Cohort 1 commenced their training right after the Opening Ceremony last March 15, while Cohort 2 commenced their training yesterday, April 5, 2021. Cohorts 3 and 4 will begin their training on April 26 and May 17, 2021, respectively.

The GALP is one of the key internationalization programs under the CHED International Affairs Staff (IAS) under Director Lily Freida Milla.


Commission on Higher Education

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