The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and Mapua University are equipping Philippine higher education institutions (HEIs) with data science and analytics skills for the post-COVID world.

This was through the launching of the Data Analytics and Digital Transformation Training for Higher Education, an executive program delivered by Carnegie Mellon University – Australia (CMUA), a global leader in data analytics.


The program is a 10-day virtual training that will combine a comprehensive business intelligence, data analytics, and technology management curriculum with a hands-on focus.

The 60 participants, who come from 45 HEIs all around the Philippines, will be taught by CMUA’s expert pool of faculty who are also industry experts, with many active industry collaborations that put them at the forefront of data science developments.

The opening program was attended by CHED Chairman J. Prospero E. De Vera III, Mapua President Dr. Reynaldo B. Vea, Carnegie Mellon University – Australia Head Professor Emil P. Bolongaita, and CHED OIC Executive Director and International Affairs Staff Director Lily Freida Milla.

“This partnership between Mapua and CMUA is very timely not only to improve efficiency in the operations of HEIs using data science but also build upon our efforts to create smart campuses and continue flexible learning in the post-COVID era,” De Vera said.


“CHED pushed for the development of smart campuses across the country in Bayanihan 2, but we can only lay the foundations and we need technology experts to guide the HEIs to ensure efficiency of operations for enrollment, customizing delivery of education courses, faculty-student interaction, and recruitment of faculty,” he added.

Bolongaita said that this initiative will also empower Philippine educators and play a small part in helping the country recover from both the public health and economic crisis that COVID-19 has created.

“The Philippines is being tested like never before and while it’s difficult to imagine, the pandemic will come to pass. We want to make sure that educators are ready for this and that the workforce more broadly is upskilled,” Bolongaita said.


In addition to the virtual training with CMUA, participants shall also be developing asynchronous data analytics modules with localized applications that will cascade the training to other Philippine HEIs. Participants may also choose to continue on to a Master in Business Analytics in Mapua University, as the program will be credited.

This project is among the 11 programs that are lodged under CHED’s International Continuing Professional (ICPE) grants which funds international certificate programs and short courses for Philippine HEI faculty and staff to develop and advance Philippine higher education.

“In times of rapid change when there is uncertainty, we need to seize the opportunity to innovate and trailblaze on new grounds,” De Vera said.


Commission on Higher Education

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