The Charter intends to make public CHED’s standards on service delivery. As such,it aims to streamline CHED’s operations, improve the delivery of services, and empower the stakeholders through easy access to information on services provided to clients.

The CHED Citizen’s Charter is an open public document which mirrors the services extended by CHED. It includes clear description of the various processes and procedures being implemented by CHED as well as the fees that may be charged as necessary to its stakeholders. It explains the step-by-step procedures on availing CHED’s frontline services. The Charter essentially provides an avenue for active client involvement in public service delivery through a redress mechanism which encourages them to make suggestions and recommendations to help CHED improve its current services and eventually achieve an increased public satisfaction, response and feedback.

The Charter also contains brief information about the agency, its mission and vision, and “Service Pledge” the entire agency is committed to. The directory of officials and the different offices in CHED and the functions of each office complete the information ensemble of the Charter. With the Charter fully established and made available to the public, CHED hopes to uphold its thrust of providing the highest standard of service committed to the transacting public.

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