Intended to make CHED more readily responsive to the needs of its constituencies, especially the higher education institutions and their development programs, the Higher Education Development Fund was envisioned to be an autonomous buffer fund that can support CHED’s fiscal independence and adequacy. Along with its efficient personnel, the Higher Education Development Fund Staff (HEDFS) has the following functions :

  • Formulates and implements policies and guidelines for fund generation, fund allocation and fund utilization;
  • Conducts fund generation activities;
  • Manages and monitors the utilization of HEDF funds;
  • Ensures the equitable utilization of funds according to regions and programs, when applicable;
  • Ensures fast and accurate application and implementation of Government Accounting Systems and Procedures;
  • Mobilizes and sources out resources from donations, gifts, and other conveyances including materials, equipment, properties and services by gratuitous title that will enable the sustainability of the Fund;
  • Engages in financing and investment operations in the financial, securities and banking sector to generate income for its fund corpus by authorizing an investment and fund managers;
  • Formulates an annual investments plan and a financing program with plans, programs and projects recommended by the Commission for the approval of the Trust Fund Governing Board; and
  • Reviews fund and investments management rules and guidelines as may be necessary and review these periodically in order to optimize the fund utilization while achieving the educational development priorities of the
  • Commission for the approval of the Trust Fund Governing Board.


Office of the Director

Director III