The Legal and Legislative Service (LLS) is the Commission’s prime office to provide the range of legal and legislative services to support its thrust in becoming a world-class agency fully capable of catapulting the country’s Higher Education Agenda in the regional and global sphere. It is principally responsible for investigating complaints on non-compliant programs of HEIs, effectively implementing the sanctions imposed by the Commission en Banc (e.g. phase-out, closure, downgrading of status, imposition of fines, among others) pursuant to its mandate under RA 7722, and provide a mechanism for effective mediation services on numerous and myriad complaints regarding academic and other issues brought before the Commission. Under this office are two (2) Divisions: the Investigation and Enforcement Division, and the Legislative Liaison and Mediation Office :

(1) Investigation and Enforcement Division

(1.a.) Investigation Section

  • Conducts fact-finding investigations on all complaints filed against organic personnel of the Commission, and on all matters relative to violation of the CHED law, rules and regulations committed by higher education institutions (HEIs);
  • Coordinates with the proper law enforcement agencies whenever necessary, in order to effectively carry out the functions stated in the preceding bullet point and for the purpose of containing unlawful activities as provided under R.A. 7722 and BP 232;
  • Coordinates properly with the Office of the Solicitor General in all matters relative to judicial cases of the Commission;
  • Secures the opinion of the Department of Justice on matters that require its intervention;
  • Prepares and submits fact-finding reports and recommendation for consideration and appropriate action by the Commission;
  • Assists, as the need arises or upon request, the Central and Regional Offices in the Commission in conducting assessment and/or evaluation of legal compliance of programs offered by private HEls;
  • Provides the necessary support and assistance in any preliminary investigation to determine if there is prima facie evidence or formal investigations conducted by the Commission in connection with the first bullet point;
  • Provides technical inputs for the legislative liaison requirements of the Commission in both Houses of Congress and the office of the President; and
  • Coordinates Mediation Services in support of the investigation powers of the Commission as an effective alternative mode of dispute resolution.

(1.b.) Enforcement Section

  • Formulates and recommends policies and programs of action for the effective enforcement of the country’s educational laws, rules and regulations;
  • Enforces the decisions, directives, orders and resolutions issued by the Commission En Banc and other judicial and quasi-judicial bodies;
  • Prosecutes respondents in formal investigation for alleged violations by CHED organic personnel pertinent to provisions of the laws, rules and regulations pertaining to education;
  • Processes applications for Correction of Name in School records;
  • Reviews Contracts, Memorandum of Agreements and Commission Issuances, Circulars, etc.;
  • Assists in the review of appeals on cases of Exclusion and Expulsion of Students; and
  • Maintains lateral coordination with other government and private agencies in the implementation of all activities and programs.

(2) Legislative Liaison and Mediation Division

  • Consolidates valuable inputs, comments and alternative positions from the various CHED offices/units whenever preparing a unified position on bills relevant to higher education;
  • Consolidates inputs for written comments and/or position papers of the Commission on proposed legislation that affect higher education, as well as inputs in the preparation/drafting or proposed priority bills of the Commission;
  • Attends public hearings conducted by the Education Committees of both the House of Representatives and the Senate regarding proposed education bills and other congressional committees together with the technical staff of concerned offices;
  • Identifies, coordinates and provides technical support to the CHED Chairpersons, Commissioners and key officials during legislative hearings;
  • Monitors and analyzes the status of priority legislative proposals on higher education and coordinates with Congress the implementation of viable strategies to address delays in the passage of needed legislative measures and other related problems;
  • Initiates efforts to establish rapport with the legislators and their Chiefs-of-Staff and arrange meetings and briefings with the Commission, if and when needed, for advocacy and other purposes;
  • Provides coordination and liaison work with Congress during budget hearings and briefings; and
  • Performs all other pertinent legislative liaison and coordination work with Congress, and other government agencies.

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