Serving as the Commission’s development planning body and chief policy formulator in the area of higher education, the Office of Planning, Research and Knowledge Management (OPRKM) :

  • Directs and issues guidelines for the formulation of sector-wide and CHED-wide policies, plans, and development initiatives, and consolidates them for Commission approval and endorsement to the National Economic and Development Authority in case of sector-wide plans and policies;
  • Establishes the allocation parameters, framework/guidelines for allocating SUC budget and coordinates their application in the allocation of the budget of SUCs, and consolidate the results;
  • Develops criteria and systems for allocating HEDF and other public investment resources;
  • Directs and manages the formulation of higher education R&D agenda and monitors and evaluates its implementation;
  • Determines and provides the research infrastructure and enabling policies and initiatives;
  • Oversees major research projects for which CHED is accountable;
  • Promotes the utilization of research outputs within the framework of Intellectual Property policies;
  • Generates, processes, and analyzes higher education related date/information for policy formulation, planning, program development and serving the information needs of stakeholders;
  • Conducts or outsources research with significant policy inputs for CHED;
  • Provides overall direction in the development, implementation and maintenance of packaging information, network systems, information systems, databases, and electronic dissemination of information, and client support services supportive to the attainment of the Vision, Mission, and Goals of the CHED; and
  • Packages and disseminates in a timely manner relevant higher education and R&D data and information.

There are three (3) Divisions under the OPRKM: the Planning and Resource Management Division (3 sections); the Research Management Division; and the Knowledge Management Division 

Office of the Director

Officer-in-Charge, Office of the Director IV


OIC, Office of the Director III