Knowledge Management Division with three (3) sections: the Information Management Section, the Knowledge Resource Section, and the Systems Integration Section, with the following specific functions :

(3.a.) Information Management Section
 Prepares plans, projects and strategies for the development;
– Formulates, coordinates, and implements policies and guidelines related to higher education data collection, processing, and data banking;
 Conducts annual collection, collation, consolidation, storage, and analysis of data and information from higher education institutions in the country in coordination with the CHED regional offices;
 Provides technical assistance to the CHED office and higher education institutions on the data collection, processing and data banking needs of the Commission;
 Manages/maintains databases to enable continuous online access of higher education data;
 Prepares annual higher education statistical bulletin and directory of higher education institutions and program offerings of higher education institutions;
 Prepares higher education data projections and other related statistics as required by the stakeholders in support to the policy formulation and decision-making;
– Collects, generates, and monitors higher education indicators gathered from CHED offices, higher education institutions and government and non-government agencies; and
 Coordinates with the concerned agencies for statistical standards uses in aggregating data.
(3.b.) Knowledge Resource Section
 Develops, recommends and implements policies, standards and guidelines related to higher education information packaging and dissemination;
 Performs quality checks on manuscripts and final printed products worthy of publications and initiate administrative processing for printing;
 Conducts researches and prepare write-ups for the production of CHED key publications;
 Conceptualizes, designs and develops or produce information, education and communication materials for special events and other education-related activities per target audience;
 Collaborates with CHED offices for the conduct of information dissemination campaign for CHED data products, services, and activities; and
 Monitors, collects, collates, digitizes and stores new articles/issues on education from dailies and other tri-media sources.
(3.c.) Systems Integration Section
 Prepares plans, programs, projects and strategies for the development, deployment and maintenance of CHED integrated information management systems in providing services to stakeholders, policy formulation and decision-making;
 Facilitates and coordinates the efficient operation of the Higher Education Management Information System (HEMIS) in all CHED office and higher education institutions;
 Provides technical assistance in outsourcing development and deployment of information systems and corresponding databases;
 Introduces and integrates new technologies into the existing system infrastructure;
 Reviews and updates CHED information systems manual and provides necessary orientation to the stakeholders;
 Provides technical assistance and client support services such as virus detection and removal, installation of authorized software, use of open source operating system and productivity suites, relocation of networked workstations, printers and other network appliances and other similar needs;
 Prepares and evaluates required documents like project concept pare, feasibility study, data element (data dictionary) manual, information systems requirement and other ICT related documents;
 Monitors and evaluates information system development and implementation; and
– Performs related analysis and design functions.