Planning and Resource Management Division with three (3) sections: the Resource Allocation Section, the Policy and Planning Section, and the Special Projects Section, delivers the following functions :

– Conducts activities needed for the formulation and updating of sector-wide plans for higher education such as :
        1. Environmental Scanning/situational analysis
        2. Identification and resolution of goals and objectives
        3. Translation of goals/objectives into action plan
        4. Consultation and other activities in aid of plan formulation
        5. Packaging, dissemination and advocacy
 Formulates and recommends a higher education development plan cum investment plan relevant to national development
 Monitors the performance of higher education based on established parameters/indicators relative to Plan milestones and targets;
 Spearheads the formulation/preparation of agency performance commitments and action plans and medium/long-term plan in higher education; and
 Assists in the preparation of the annual budget, budgetary target and projections and performance indicators of the agency.