Directs and manages the formulation and implementation of the higher education R&D agenda:

a. Reviews and recommends R&D priorities/agenda in/on higher education
b. Evaluates, endorses and serves as clearing house for higher education institution research proposals for HEDF and GAA funding
c. Facilitates the processing of approved CHED-funded researches
d. Monitors the implementation of CHED-researches
e. Evaluates the outputs and impacts of CHED-funded researches
– Provides research infrastructure and enabling policies for promoting research and development:
a. Periodically assesses the research capacity and productivity of HEIs to determine development needs
b. Designs and implements awards/incentive schemes to enhance research productivity and reward high quality research outputs
c. Develops and implements research capability programs for HEIs – faculty researchers, such as but not limited to: thesis/dissertation grants, support for paper presentation in international conferences, and visiting research fellow
d. Evaluates and assesses research development, extension, and knowledge management project proposals and recommend it for funding
– Promotes the utilization of research outputs within the framework of Intellectual Property laws and policies:
a. Updates and maintains data infrastructure
b. Upgrades CHED accredited journals to be classified/included under the journal international indexing
c. Supports and/or convenes local/international research conference/symposia and other media for dissemination of research findings
 Evaluates and assesses research and development extension (RDE) and innovative project proposals related to higher education and recommend projects to be funded;
– Monitors, in collaboration with the HEDFS, and submits periodic reports on the status of CHED-funded projects; and
– Conducts or outsources research with policy inputs to CHED;