I. Institutions Recognized by Competent Authorities
A. National University: University of the Philippines
B. State Universities and Colleges
C. Private Universities and Colleges
D. Technical and Vocational Institutions

II. PHL HE Programs Recognized by Competent Authorities
A. PHL HE programs
B. List of COEs/CODs

III. Policies and Procedures for Cross border HE (Transnational Education)
A. Information on processes for TNE
B. Information on CMO1 s2000
C. Information on UMAP Credit Transfer Scheme
D. Information on EO 285

IV. Information on the PHL Higher Education (HE) System
A. Description of the education system/competent body: CHED Mandate and Authority
B. PHL HE Qualifications Framework
1. The Framework
2. Self Evaluation Report
C. Quality Assurance
1. Information on the process of QA
2. Organizations/Institutions responsible for QA

V. Information on Foreign Credential Assessment and Recognition
A. Information and procedures for foreign qualifications, foreign credits, certificates, diplomas, degrees and other credentials evaluation; equivalency; mutual recognition