The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) is partnering with student groups and companies in a whole-of-nation approach in battling corruption to produce a more ethical and committed Filipino generation in the future.

Representatives of universities and students groups under the Integrity Initiative spearheaded by the Makati Business Club (MBC) recently met with CHED Chairman Dr. J. Prospero E. de Vera III to push for a closer academe-government-business partnership in combating corruption through the introduction of new subjects that will enable students to understand the Philippine government and its bureaucracy.

Some of the proposed topics of the Integrity Initiative include Ethical Dilemmas (individual, public and private), People-Planet Profit, Corporate Fraud, Corruption 101, and Corporate governance.

“It is important that ethics in public service be included as one of the key topics in this subject and our students and higher education stakeholders should be educated on the ethical underpinnings of public service,” De Vera said.

Chairman De Vera also stressed that CHED has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Office of the Ombudsman and University of the Philippines System recently to push for a stronger anti-corruption effort at the higher education level. This collaboration with the MBC and Integrity Initiative is a welcome addition in CHED’s anti-corruption effort.

“As we increase the number of young people with the proper moral compass and informed with the relevant laws, we will create a wide network of graft busters around the country, that with proper training can document and report corrupt practices,” De Vera explained.

“I hope we won’t only make corruption illegal and unethical but also socially unacceptable. CHED is one with the private sectors, youth and the allied agencies in sowing the values of transparency and accountability to the youth sector,” he added.



Commission on Higher Education

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