The suicide of 27-year old Kenneth Masa Ramos last April 4, 2018 reportedly after Don Honorio Ventura Technological State University (DHVTSU) prevented him from graduating is very disturbing and alarming.

According to DHVTSU, the mechanical engineering student had incomplete grades and is not eligible to graduate this year.

The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) is calling for an in-depth investigation to determine if there is culpability on the part of the university and if sanctions can be imposed. Although DHVTSU has clarified and confirmed that Kenneth Masa Ramos was not supposed to graduate due to failing grades from at least seven subjects, further explanation as to why the student’s case was not looked into despite his name being included in the initial list of those who will graduate from the university this year is necessary.

The Office of CHED Commissioner and DHVTSU Board of Regents (BOR) Chairperson Ronald L. Adamat has invited today the university President Dr. Enrique Baking, Vice President Reden Hernandez, Dean Jun Florez, Mechanical Engineering (ME) Area Chairperson Engr. Patrick Sta. Maria, ME Adviser Engr. Danti Maliclic, Registrar Staff for ME Ms. Winnie Arceo, USC President Czarina Mae Calma, ME Professors and students to shed light on the non-eligibility to graduate.

Baking agreed to Adamat’s suggestion to convene a special meeting of the BOR on April 25, 2018 to create an investigative committee that will specifically address this extremely distressing issue.

Adamat stated that he will personally lead the investigative committee that will consist of representatives from the CHED Legal and Legislative Services (LLS), the Office of Students and Development Services (OSDS), and the university student regent.

However, Adamat cautions the public from issuing any unofficial statements pending the result of the investigation.

Moreover, Adamat said that he will direct his office to look into the list of graduating DHVTSU students to confirm if the name of Kenneth Masa Ramos was included or not.

In an initial meeting with the University officials headed by Dr. Enrique Baking, President of DHVTSU, professors, registrar, classmates of Mr. Ramos and other students similarly situated as Mr. Ramos today at the CHED Central Office, it was revealed that as a matter of practice and humanitarian considerations, a student who is enrolled with all the subjects for the last semester in his fifth year shall be included in the list of graduating students even if he/she has incomplete grades hoping that the latter will complete the grades before graduation.

But unfortunately, despite all the efforts of the University to advise and notify Mr. Ramos of his deficiencies, he failed to comply with all the necessary requirements for graduation.

Commissioner Ronald Adamat in such initial meeting recommended that in a special board meeting on April 25, 2018, the Board has to revisit the policies and guidelines of the University on graduating students to avoid the occurrence of a similar situation in the future.