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RFQ2021-02-001 Annual Report RFQ2021-03-002 LEB Annual Report (Repost) RFQ2021-03-003 GAA Automotive Tires
RFQ2021-03-005 Catering OPSD RFQ2021-03-006 Graphic Editing Software RFQ2021-03-007 Pnuemoccoccal Vaccine
RFQ2021-03-008 HEPA Air Purifier RFQ2021-04-009 Cloud Hosting RFQ2021-04-010 Office Furniture
RFQ2021-04-011 Photocopier RFQ2021-04-012 HEDF HEDFS Jacket RFQ2021-04-013 GAA AFMS Addt’l Work OIQAG
RFQ2021-04-014 Internet RFQ2021-04-015 HEPA Air Purifier RFQ2021-04-016 Pneumonia Vaccine
RFQ2021-04-017 Document Scanner RFQ2021-04-018 ID Printer RFQ2021-04-020 Internet Secondary
RFQ2021-04-021 Jacket AFMS RFQ2021-04-022 Alcohol, etc RFQ2021-04-023 Flags
RFQ2021-04-024 HEPA Air Purifier Repost RFQ2021-04-025 Document Scanner (Repost) RFQ2021-04-026 Toner Ink Bottles
RFQ2021-04-027 GAA AFMS Wooden Wall RFQ2021-04-028 GAA OCC Wearable Air Purifier RFQ2021-04-029 GAA OCC Mask
RFQ2021-04-030 GAA OCC Tshirt RFQ2021-05-031 Catering RFQ2021-05-032 stroyboard
RFQ2021-05-033 Projector RFQ2021-05-034 Ink LEB RFQ2021-05-035 Catering
RFQ2021-05-036 Storyboard RFQ2021-05-037 Alcohol, etc RFQ2021-05-038 Flags
RFQ2021-05-039 Tshirt (Repost) RFQ2021-05-040 Toners_Inks RFQ2021-05-041 Envelope
RFQ2021-05-042 Tumbler RFQ2021-05-043 Cloud hosting RFQ2021-05-044 Flag
RFQ2021-05-046 Projector RFQ2021-05-047 Envelope RFQ2021-05-048 Ink LEB
RFQ2021-05-049 Tumbler RFQ2021-06-050 Ink OC RFQ2021-06-051 Letterhead
RFQ2021-06-052 Tumbler RFQ2021-06-053 Envelope RFQ2021-06-055 Additional Workd OED
RFQ2021-06-057 Catering RFQ2021-07-058 Toner RFQ2021-07-059 Wireless headset
RFQ2021-07-060 Desktop Mic RFQ2021-07-061 Scanner RFQ2021-07-062 printer
RFQ2021-07-063 Internet RFQ2021-07-064 Additional Works OED RFQ2021-07-065 Wireless Headset
RFQ2021-07-066 Desktop Mic RFQ2021-07-067 Toner RFQ2021-07-068 Tumbler
RFQ2021-07-069 Envelope RFQ2021-07-070 Glass Plaque and Frame RFQ2021-07-073 Toner
RFQ2021-07-074 Bluetooth Wireless RFQ2021-07-075 Desktop Mic RFQ2021-07-076 Certificate Holder
RFQ2021-07-077 ISO RFQ2021-07-078 Glass Frame RFQ2021-08-082 Materials
RFQ2021-08-083 Bluetooth Wireless RFQ2021-08-084 Desktop Mic RFQ2021-08-085 Toner
RFQ2021-08-086 ISO RFQ2021-08-087 Materials Stockroom RFQ2021-08-088 Wireless Headset
RFQ2021-08-089 Desktop Mic RFQ2021-08-090 Assessment Tool RFQ2021-08-091 ISO OPSD
RFQ2021-08-092 Certificate Holder RFQ2021-08-093 Ink and Toner RFQ2021-08-094 Wireless Headset
RFQ2021-08-095 Desktop Mic RFQ2021-08-096 Refurbishment of LEB Office RFQ2021-08-097 Food CEB
RFQ2021-09-098 Bluetooth wireless RFQ2021-09-099 Desktop Mic RFQ2021-09-100 AFMS.OSDS Ink
RFQ2021-09-101 AFMS.OSDS Toner RFQ2021-09-102 Glass Plaque RFQ2021-09-103 ASEAN Kit
Purchase Order
PO No. 2021-03-003 GAA (Philippine Postal Corporation) PO No. 2021-04-004 GAA (Daily Tribune) PO No. 2021-05-005 GAA (DMMMSU)
PO No. 2021-05-006 HEDF (Tanjer Enterprises) PO No. 2021-05-007 GAA (U-bix Corporation) PO No. 2021-05-008 GAA (Pharma Quest Co.)
PO No. 2021-05-010 GAA (Sotoya King of Trades Trading) PO No. 2021-06-011 GAA (Luzon Sales Co. Inc.) PO No. 2021-06-012 GAA (
PO No. 2021-06-013 GAA (Bigmerch Corporation) PO No. 2021-06-014 GAA (Commerce First, Inc.) PO No. 2021-06-015 GAA (Tanjer Enterprises)
PO No. 2021-06-016 GAA (Newtrends International Corporation) PO No. 2021-06-017 GAA (Macatangay Sewing Services) PO No. 2021-06-018 GAA (Zioneyes General Merchandise)
PO No. 2021-06-019 GAA (Macatangay Sewing Services) PO No. 2021-07-020 GAA (New International Flag House) PO No. 2021-07-022 GAA (Epartners Solutions, Inc.)
PO No. 2021-08-023 GAA (GBR-GEN General Merchandise) PO No. 2021-08-029 GAA (Zioneyes General Merchandise) PO No. 2021-08-030 GAA (Zioneyes General Merchandise)
PO No. 2021-08-031 HEDF (Group 5 Computer Products and Supplies, Inc.) PO No. 2021-08-032 GAA (BayanPC Technologies, Inc.) PO No. 2021-08-033 GAA (Group 5 Computer Products and Supplies, Inc.)
PO No. 2021-08-034 GAA (Group 5 Computer Products and Supplies, Inc.) PO No. 2021-08-035 HEDF (Cron Office Systems, Inc.) PO No. 2021-09-038 GAA (Zioneyes General Merchandise)
PO No. 2021-09-040 GAA (L Campos Tiles Trading) PO No. 2021-09-043 GAA (Pantronics International Corporation) PO No. 2021-03-003A GAA (Laguna State Polytechnic University)
PO No. 2021-09-036 GAA (Bigmerch Corporation) PO No. 2021-09-042 GAA (People Dynamics, Inc.) PO No. 2021-09-044 GAA (Dolmar Press, Inc.)
PO No. 2021-09-045 HEDF (Grace Management and Training Consultancy Services) PO No. 2021-10-047 GAA (RDLG & Son Electrical Services) PO No. 2021-10-048 HEDF (TJ’s Clear Art)
PO No. 2021-09-046 GAA (Luzon Sales Co., Inc.)