Scholarships for Instructors’ Knowledge Advancement Program (SIKAP) provides opportunities for Higher Education Institution (HEI) teaching personnel, or former HEI teaching personnel seeking advanced studies in identified universities and colleges in the Philippines.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must:

  1. Be a Filipino citizen;
  2. Be employed as a Teaching Personnel in an HEI, or have been employed as Teaching Personnel within the last twelve (12) months, at the time of Application;
    a. Does not hold an administrative or management position;
    b. Does not hold full-time employment in any government agency, or private company, which are not HEIs (e.g. State and Local Universities and Colleges, Private HEIs, etc.);
  3. For full-time scholars, must commit to pursue the program on a full time study
    a. If the scholar is employed, with commitment / proof from the employer to release the applicant for full time study and will be released from all teaching and/or administrative duties for the duration of the scholarship.
  4. Has been admitted to an eligible graduate program;
    a. Must be pursuing a program vertically articulated to her/his teaching discipline;
    b. Must not hold a degree in the degree level being pursued (i.e. applicants for a scholarship for doctorate degree, must not already possess a doctorate degree);
    c. In the event where the teaching personnel was not able to pursue a degree vertically articulated to his/her teaching discipline is still eligible provided that a strong justification is provided (e.g. program being pursued is an emerging or niche program), subject to the approval of the Commission en Banc. For scholars who are employed, the justification must be from the head of the Institution.
  5. Be of age that will allow her/him to render sufficient return service after obtaining her/his graduate degree; This will be guided by the following rules:
    a. If admitted in a Master’s degree program, the applicant must not be more than 52 years old at the time of application;
    b. If admitted in a Doctorate degree program, s/he must not be more than 50 years old at the time of application; and
    c. Exceptions may be considered as may be provided for by the Commission en Banc.
  6. Not be enjoying any other government-funded scholarship or grant at the time of application;
  7. Committed to complete the degree program requirements within the study duration; and
  8. Not have a relative, up to the fourth (4th) degree of consanguinity or affinity, to any CHED employee in the CHED Regional Office (CHED RO) where the application is being processed.
  9. Exceptions to these criteria may be considered by the Commission En Banc on a case-to-case basis.

Implementation Model

Qualifying and Selection Process

  1. The Commission shall release a call for applications.
  2. Applicants must submit their documentary requirements to the CHEDRO or the Delivering HEI (DHEI) based on the implementation model.
  3. The Commission evaluates and approves the final list of successful applicants.
  4. Successful applicants must communicate their acceptance of the grant and confirm their enrollment in the approved graduate program through written acknowledgement to the CHED RO and the DHEI, if applicable.

Documentary Requirements

  1. Application Form*
  2. Curriculum Vitae*
  3. Certificate of Employment**
  4. Statement of Eligibility and Undertaking**
  5. Recommendation Forms (Former Professor, Peer and Immediate Supervisor)**
  6. Birth Certificate or Passport (Proof of Citizenship)
  7. Medical Certificate**
  8. Proof of Admission to the DHEI or Eligible HEI
  9. Transcript of Records (for every undergraduate, professional, and graduate/post-graduate degree attained)
  10. Re-entry Action Plan**
  11. Release Form (for full-time study)
  12. Any Government-issued ID

*To be accomplished through the Online Portal
**Using CHED Template available through the Online Portal

Financial Privileges and Incentives

For Sandwich Component
Additional Privileges / Incentives

Application Process

1. Check the eligibility criteria.

2. Accomplish the ONLINE APPLICATION here.

a. Get your Application Number
b. Download the generated Application Form and Curriculum Vitae
c. Send the link https://bit.ly/chedsikapreco and your Application Number to your referees.

3. Upload scanned copies of the required documents through the same application portal.

4. Submit the complete scholarship package:

For DHEI Model submit it to your Delivering Higher EducationInstitution
For Individual Model submit it to your CHED Regional Office


CHED Memorandum no. 6, s. of 2020
Guidelines for the Scholarships for Instructors’ Knowledge Advancement Program (SIKAP) Grant

Implementing Guidelines


For further inquiries, kindly email your CHED Regional Office.

CHEDRO 1 sikapgrant.r1@ched.gov.ph
CHEDRO 2 sikapgrant.r2@ched.gov.ph
CHEDRO 3 sikapgrant.r3@ched.gov.ph
CHEDRO 4 sikapgrant.r4@ched.gov.ph
CHEDRO 5 sikapgrant.r5@ched.gov.ph
CHEDRO 6 sikapgrant.r6@ched.gov.ph
CHEDRO 7 sikapgrant.r7@ched.gov.ph
CHEDRO 8 sikapgrant.r8@ched.gov.ph
CHEDRO 9 sikapgrant.r9@ched.gov.ph
CHEDRO 10 sikapgrant.r10@ched.gov.ph
CHEDRO 11 sikapgrant.r11@ched.gov.ph
CHEDRO 12 sikapgrant.r12@ched.gov.ph
CHEDRO CAR sikapgrant.car@ched.gov.ph
CHEDRO NCR sikapgrant.ncr@ched.gov.ph
CHEDRO MIMAROPA sikapgrant.mimaropa@ched.gov.ph
CHEDRO CARAGA sikapgrant.caraga@ched.gov.ph